CrossFit Kids


Gymnastics is just one of the many skills taught!    Fun and movement are our main focus in CFK, keeping your kids safe!

We offer 3 different CrossFit Frontier Kids programs.

Our Pre-K is ages 3-5 and loads of fun. The main focus with this class is to have fun, get the kids moving functionally, and to laugh at how cute they all are! $40/ month IMPORTANT! Due to lack of interest, we will no longer be offering Pre-K classes as of 9/1/13.  Instead, our 5 year olds will be merged into our CFK “Kids” classes.

The next group is our Kids class, ages 5-11. This class is high energy with a main focus of fun, followed buy learning functional movements and participating in WODs like Mom and Dad both do. $40/ month

The last CFFK class is our Teens program. This is similar to adults with less emphasis on intensity until it is earned! We train in this class with both MetCon (WODs) days as well as strength days. This class is great for those athletes wanting to cross-train for their junior high/ high school sport or for those competitive kids looking to join the adult classes one day! $50/ month

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Family Discount: Remember, for every family member that becomes a member of CFF, each family member gets 10% off of their membership, up to a total of 20% off everyone’s memberships!

At CFFK, we are very focused on being a major part of the community of fitness and battling childhood obesity.  Here are a few of the past events we’ve been apart of within the community!


Summer Outdoor Slam at Curt Gowdy state park

Wyoming Kids Xtreme Fire & Ice Festival in downtown Cheyenne

Testimonial from a mother

Jaden loves playing basketball, but he has not been a competitive player or necessarily aggressive, which can drive his parents crazy. CrossFit has changed his attitude, bringing out a competitive side. He loves CrossFit and strives to improve himself. Jaden has become a much more confident and aggressive basketball player. Now, when he faces a difficult task, he attacks it by telling himself “I’m a CrossFitter, I can do it.”

For our August vacation, we went to Myrtle Beach and visited a box offering CrossFit Kids. We were able to watch Jaden complete a WOD with other kids who have just started. We were amazed to witness how far he has come in a year. In the beginning, we would tell him he was like jello when doing push-ups, keep your core tight, keep your back straight, stop laughing, etc. Now we watch him do perfect push-ups, eloquent Thrusters and kipping pull-ups. We are now looking forward to watching him do his first muscle-up. While we were at the Myrtle Beach box, the coach used Jaden as a model of how to complete the WOD using proper form. We found ourselves being very proud of what he has accomplished and are still amazed at the positive impact CrossFit has made in his life.

Jaden started Carey Jr. High today and we know he has the confidence to be successful. We very much appreciate Coach Chris for investing his time in our son in the beginning; Coach Sara for getting CrossFit Kids certified, strengthening the coaching staff at CrossFit Frontier; and the rest of the coaches for providing additional support and instruction. You guys rock!
September 1, 2013 will be Jaden’s 1-year CrossFit anniversary.

Proud to be raising a CrossFitter,
Eric and Meredith Bickell
August 29, 2013