Below are a list of frequently asked questions.  This is a good, first place, to look for answers to those questions you may have.  In no particular order…

1. I get all shaky and intimidated when I hear the words CrossFit…is that normal?

Everyone is intimidated at the beginning, but CrossFit Frontier is full of individuals, at all different skill levels, who will welcome you in and help you succeed. Also each movement can be scaled to your individual ability level so there’s always something you can do!

2. CrossFit can’t be for me, I’m hurt, have an injury, or am too old.

Stop making excuses! Come work out. Everything is infinitely scalable, even if  you are injured, our coaches will find ways you can participate. Health and fitness is relative so there is always something that every person can accomplish.

3. Uh oh, are people going to be watching me workout!!!!????

Each athlete is encouraged to be focused solely on their own workout. The only person watching you will be the coach, and they are there to motivate you and help you perfect your form.  However, it is common for others who are finished to cheer you on and help encourage you through the workout.

4. What’s the magic # for workout days in a week?

The key is to always listen to your body. Never do highly intense workouts more than 3 days in a row without a recovery day. No more than 5 times a week. In a perfect world we recommend M, T, W, F, Sat with Th & Sun as recovery days.

5. What is over/ under training?

Not seeing adaptations or constantly sore.

Under = too much off time, quit being lazy   Over =  Not enough recovery to adapt to demands of workout, go to sleep!

6. Why do I hear people talking about “reserving”, is this a hotel or what?

If you do not reserve a spot in class you are not guaranteed a spot in class. We have over 100 athletes and because there is only so much equipment & space priority will go to those who have reserved. The WOD class has a strict 12 person limit so reserving is required.  It also guarantees everyone is safe and gets individual attention during the workouts.

7. Why do you keep telling me to check-in when I have already reserved at home?  WHAT’s THE DIFFERENCE!?

Reserving guarantees you a spot. Checking in proves that you utilized to the spot you have reserved.

8. I keep forgetting what time everything is, where is your class schedule?

You can look on the website (crossfitfrontier.com) under about us on the schedule tab or visit the Facebook page to see our weekly schedule, monthly schedule, and Workout of the Day.

9. Do I have to be super awesome to do the barbell Open Gym in the back of the gym?

Background knowledge/mechanically sound form of clean & jerk and snatch, basic proficiencies and movement patterns related to those movements are the prerequisites to participate in the barbell Open Gym.  Unfortunately right now there is no coach, so the weightlifters help each other out. This is why we need people to be competent when they are on their own.

10. What are the composition notebooks for?  I’m not a kid anymore!!!

Record your workouts, track your progress, set your goals, reflect, doodle, whatever suits you!  They can be especially handy when we do benchmark workouts to create a data point. They also work great to jot your number down for that cutie in the WOD!

11. What the heck does CrossFit stand for?



12. Does the “free week” really mean I can try CrossFit Frontier FREE!?!

You can attend as many basics classes in one week as you would like. This will allow you to see a variety of workouts and meet the people that come to the gym.

**Make sure to listen to your body during this week and do not over do it.**

13. How do I sign up after I’ve done my free 1st week?

What’s a computer and how does it work? —Talk to an owner (Chris or Ryan) if you are not computer savy

Let me try this myself! —Go to CrossfitFrontier.com, then member login, then sign up now, then choose membership type. Follow steps from there.

14. What is the best membership option?

All payment options are available to view online at CrossfitFrontier.com. Most (99%) of the gym chooses unlimited option – $100 for as many classes as you would like in 1 month ($80 with the Hero Discount), But other choices are available.

15. Who can receive the “hero” discount?

Teachers, military, church pastors, firefighters, police, medical professionals, students all qualify.

16. What is the family discount?

Each family member after the initial joiner receives 10% off. This is valid for a max of 20% discount on everybody’s accounts

17. How much does it cost to drop in?

If you buy any of our merchandise that’s $25 or more, the workout is free. All of our shirts are $25. If you’re in town for more than one class, we have custom options for partial memberships. Just talk to  Chris or Ryan.

18. Is there an age limit?

There is a large range of ages of athletes at CrossFit Frontier. We offer classes for kids, teens, and those of all ages.  We’ve coached 3 year olds, and 65 year olds, and everything in between!  Currently our CrossFit kids membership is free and offered every Saturday from 9 to 10 AM. The ages range from 5-12 years old. Anybody 12 years old or older can participate in our Foundations program. Anybody 16 or older can participate in our Group WOD.

19. It’s 3:00 in the morning and I want to work out.  Can I come in whenever to do a WOD?

CrossFit is elite level fitness training.  Our trainers need to be present whenever CrossFit is being done to ensure quality and safety.  We offer small group personal training that is tailored to your individual abilities. It is not safe to be done otherwise.

20. I would rather work alone.  Do you offer private sessions?

Yes. You can find more details and the prices online at CrossfitFrontier.com.  Contact an owner to find out your options.

21. I REALLY REALLY WANNA DO GROUP WODS!!! when can I graduate from Foundations?

Our Foundations program is a 12 week cyclical  program. It was designed to prepare people for group class. However we are all adults, if you want to move up prior to the 12 weeks  May do so, just know that you might be a little overwhelmed in the beginning. All of our coaches are used to helping athletes various abilities, so you should be fine.  Since our Foundations class  has a limited schedule we are used to people who were unable to do it.

22. I eat like crap.  HELP!

Nutrition is the most important part of health and fitness.  Each year we try to have a nutrition challenge, there are also many people in the gym different diets. Feel free to connect with our community!

23. Is Foundations for just beginners?  What is the diff between it and Group WODs?

– Foundations teaches basic movements and simple gymnastics skills.  It is short and sweet.  It is NOT a beginner only class, it prepares people for Group WOD but also is a shorter class option.

-Group covers all movements incorporated with CrossFit including Olympic lifting, strongman movements, gymnastics, plyometrics, “cardio”,  and any other functional movement you can do with your body.

**The overall goal of CrossFit Frontier is to move all athletes into the group WOD because that is where the largest physical and mental adaptations occur.

24. I see people drinking protein after WODs and I wanna be cool too!

Do not drink it solely because you see others doing so or if you are trying to lose weight/ improve body composition. The purpose is to speed recovery time and replenish lost carbs and protein, but it is not common unless you train at a high volume.