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We know that starting CrossFit is life-changing and it can be intimidating working out in a new facility in a new program.  Here at CrossFit Frontier we welcome you to experience your first week of classes free so you can truly see what we are all about without any strings attached.

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This is our class for beginners but it is also open to every athlete at the gym.  Foundations follows a 12 week rotating curriculum.  This is a 1/2 hour class, perfect for those busy days.  Foundations is broken down into two parts, Foundations of CrossFit (Mon, Wed, Fri) and Foundations of Weightlifting (Tue, Thur).  Here’s what you can expect from each program.

Foundations of CrossFit

On these days our focus is on conditioning. We combine plyometrics, gymnastics, running, biking, rowing, and weightlifting in various formats in order to improve our general fitness.  Everything is infinitely scalable so no worries if you can’t do a movement.  

Here are some of the simple movements we will utilize:

-Box jumps, jump rope, lateral hops

-Burpees, push-ups, pull-ups, air squats, sit-ups

-Kettlebell swings, wall balls, push press, power cleans, front squats, thrusters

Foundations of Weightlifting 

On these days our focus is on skill development and strength. We combine powerlifting with Olympic lifting so that we can either utilize the lifts in our CrossFit workouts or so we can develop strength.

Here are some of the lifts we will utilize:

-Front squat, back squat, overhead squat, power clean, power snatch, push-press, split jerk

Do I need to stay the full 12 weeks before I try Group WOD?

The Foundations is a 12 week curriculum for a reason.  It was intentionally programmed to give athletes a steady progression leading into Group WOD.  The technical weightlifting days are on a 6 week rotating basis and are key to learning prior to joining Group WOD.  Of course, we are all adults and at CFF we allow our members to make decisions for themselves.  However, joining Group early has it’s drawbacks and it is not as beneficial as joining Group WOD after the full 12 week prep with our Foundations program.

Women’s Class

This class is free to the public and is offered Saturday mornings from 8-9am.  This is by far our most popular class.  It has separate programming (programmed by our fabulous female coaching staff) and is ran strictly by our female coaches.  It is a women’s only class and is a great way to get to know some of the ladies at CFF!

Group WOD

Group WOD is our full-on CrossFit class, no holding back.  The programming is at the highest level, and it is meant to push even the most elite firebreathers out there!  This is a one hour class offered multiple times a day including early morning.  In this class you can expect to do everything in Foudations as well as some more advanced movements.  Of course, everything is again infinitely scalable.  

Some higher level movements you’ll see included in Group WOD:

-muscle-ups, chest-2-bar pull-ups, toes-2-bar, handstand push-ups

-full cleans, full snatches, overhead squat, snatch balance, split jerks, push jerks, clusters (clean + thrusters), etc..

CrossFit Kids

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Remember, your first week is free!  You just have to sign our liability waiver before you check us out (the floating widget on our homepage).

Unlimited access to this program is $100 per month with nearly 20 different time slots to choose from each week. (Active duty military, firefighters, law enforcement, students, medical professionals, pastors,  and school district employees receive a 20% discount when they sign up for an unlimited membership.)

Access to up to 3 classes a week is $85, and 2 classes a week is $70.

Private WODs

Not able to make it to one of our other programs? Join one of our certified trainers for a one-on-one private workout! These hour long sessions offer you the most attention possible to help you get results fast! These sessions are $40 an hour.

Punch Cards

For those of you with odd schedules, we offer 10 class punch cards for $100.  This has a one-year expiration date.