We offer a variety of class options here at CrossFit Frontier, follow this easy guide to see which one is right for you!

Your first week is free!

We know that starting CrossFit is life-changing and it can be intimidating working out in a new facility in a new program.  Here at CrossFit Frontier we welcome you to experience your first week of classes free so you can truly see what we are all about without any strings attached.

Contact us today to schedule your first session!

What level of experience do you have with CrossFit?

A. I have my level 1 or beyond, you can go straight into our Group WODs

B. I have done CF for 3 or more months at another affiliate. We welcome you to join us in our Group WODs as well.

C. I have never done CrossFit before or less then 3 months of training. Join us in our comprehensive Basics Program.


Basics is our introductory program that introduces our athletes to CrossFit’s intense cardio-respritory workouts. These short, intense workouts place a strong emphasis on the use of proper technique while performing body weight movements to provide the athlete with a rock solid base before entering our more demanding Group WODs.  This program  is $100 per month and is offered six days a week.

Group WODs

You’ve invested your time and you’ve learned the basics. Now get ready to join us in our most advanced class, the Group WODs. The dynamics of these group workouts can’t be touched by any other exercise experience! These small group personal training sessions will push you to new highs you’d never before imagined!

Unlimited access to this program is $100 per month with nearly 20 different time slots to choose from each week. (Active duty military, firefighters, law enforcement, students, medical professionals, pastors,  and school district employees receive a 20% discount when they sign up for an unlimited membership.)

Access to up to 3 classes a week is $85, and 2 classes a week is $70.

Private WODs

Not able to make it to one of our other programs? Join one of our certified trainers for a one-on-one private workout! These hour long sessions offer you the most attention possible to help you get results fast! These sessions are $40 an hour.

Punch Cards

We offer 10 class punch cards for $100.  This does not have an expiration date.


Drop-ins for out of town CrossFitters are $20 and include a free T-shirt your first visit!  Weekly rates available as well.

CrossFit Frontier Kids

We offer 2 different CFFK programs.

Our first group is our Kids class, ages 5-11.  This class is high energy with a main focus of fun, followed buy learning functional movements and participating in WODs like Mom and Dad both do.  $40/ month

The second CFFK class is our Teens program.  This is similar to adults with less emphasis on intensity until it is earned!  We train in this class with both MetCon (WODs) days as well as strength days.  This class is great for those athletes wanting to cross-train for their junior high/ high school sport or for those competitive kids looking to join the adult classes one day!  $50/ month

Family Member Discount

With each family member added, each athlete in the family will acquire a 10% discount (20% max discount on memberships).  We’ve seen this save families up to $100/ month!  We don’t want CrossFit to be exclusive to only one or two family members, so bring them all!  Share the desire to improve the WHOLE family’s health and fitness!

Ready to get started?
Come in for one of our Basics classes today! Give us a call if you would like more information at 307-630-6076 or 307-399-4366.

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