Paleo Challenge

Paleo Challenge

That’s right.  At CrossFit Frontier, each year we have a big nutrition challenge!  Each year we tweak the challenge to meet the needs of our athletes and to improve the overall quality of the program.  However, the essentials stay the same.

When? Jan 1st-Feb. 9th 2016 is when the challenge kicks off.  We’ll have a Q and A session Dec. 12th at 6:15pm at the box before our annual Christmas party at 7pm.  Registration for the challenge will happen in the gym after Saturday, Dec. 12th.

What? A nutrition and health challenge.  As a community we bind together to vow to make serious changes in our nutrition, sleep, exercise, and other areas of health.  Together we are stronger and we really rely on our community to help each other achieve our goals.

Who? Anyone that has $30 and a willingness to change for the better!

Ask a coach for additional info!