Our Facility

We are currently updating photos of our most recent facility.  Stay tuned for updates!











A view from inside the garage door.

Small Gym

Having a smaller, secondary space for working out allows us to run simultaneous classes (this is the Basics and CrossFit Kids area)


This is our Frontier Barbell area.  We have a sanctioned USAW weightlifting club that has separate programming that train here.















Equipment is important at our gym.  We have everything that any CrossFit Gym requires and then some.  We are constantly updating our equipment to newer ones and looking for ways to add new items to improve our programming and workout experience!

Kids Area














This is our kids area.  We are a very parent and family-centered facility.  As owners and family men, we know how hard it is to find time for yourself to workout during the busy work week.  Your kids will have a fun time in our kids area with 2 easy walk-up windows for you to check on them as you workout.

Kids Area 2














With a NetFlix subscription, whiteboards, and more toys added quarterly, your children will have fun playing and meeting other kids while you have some time to get some sweat on!