Why CrossFit Frontier?

Why Choose CrossFit Frontier?

At CrossFit Frontier you’ll get personal attention from coaches dedicated to your success. We’re not your typical gym filled with confusing machines and no one to help. Every time you come in you’ll have a certified trainer coaching, supervising and motivating you throughout your workout using the most effective exercises to get you the best workout you’ve ever experienced! These small group training sessions deliver a personal training experience at less than half the cost of your typical gym.


Is CrossFit for me?

Yes, CrossFit Frontier is for you! Our workouts are right for you no matter what fitness level you’re at. We literally have Olympic athletes and grandmothers working out in the same class performing the same exercises!  We are able to scale the weight, repetitions and intensity of a workout to ensure you stay within your ability level while still constantly challenging you. Our group classes create an incredible environment filled with energy. Working out in a group increases accountability and you’ll work harder because everyone around you is working hard.

Transferring a legacy

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